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Can I claim the mouthguard on my health insurance?

If you have Dental Extras as part of your health insurance you can claim one custom fitted mouthguard per year. All the health funds pay different rebates depending on the level of cover you have. As a guide rebates range from $50 up to 80% of the mouthguard fee, we recommend you call your private health fund for an accurate quote, the item number is 151 for a mouthguard and Grant Evans Provider Number is 8207331Y.

Can mouthguards be worn with orthodontics?

It is very important to protect your teeth while having orthodontic treatment with fitted brackets and bands over your teeth. Even though your teeth are moving during treatment Performance Mouthguards offer the free service of adjusting the mouthguard over a 12 month period. After 12 months it will be necessary to have a new mouthguard fitted. If during a 12 month period of orthodontic treatment a second mouthguard is required to accommodate radical movement of teeth a new mouthguard will be made at half price. Please note you can only claim 1 mouthguard in your 12 month dental benefits cycle, please confirm dates with your dental health insurance provider. Quote Item number 151.

What happens if the mouthguard is lost?

All Performance Mouthguards are supplied in a protective case with your name a phone number on the box. Performance Junior, Senior and Pro also have your name and phone number laminated inside the mouthguard. Your dental models are kept for 12 months subject to them not being damaged during manufacture, so on most occasions we can remake the mouthguard at your cost without having to retake your dental impressions.

How durable are mouthguards?

Performance Mouthguards uses only “Australian Made” Briteguard EVA mouthguard material which is manufactured to ISO 9002 Quality Assurance Model and Standards and registered with the Australian Therapeutics Goods Administration. For children between the ages of 6 and 16 they will require a new mouthguard every year due to their teeth and bones in the skull changing shape. At approximately 16 years of age the body has matured and dental growth has slowed reducing the need to replace the mouthguard every year. It is then recommended to replace your mouthguard every 3 years subject to no major dental treatment e.g. new crowns, implants, dentures or large fillings. We can adjust the mouthguard to allow for dental fillings at no cost.

It is very important not to chew on your mouthguard this will distort the shape making it uncomfortable and reducing the protection your mouthguard offers. Keep it in the protective case when you are not wearing it and out of direct sun light.

Please note mouthguards deformed by chewing on them are not covered by our warranty.

How do I clean my mouthguard?

After use wash your mouthguard in cold water and when you get home use your tooth brush to gently scrub it with water to remove the saliva and any food debris. Do not use tooth paste which will abrade or solvents and hot water or heat which will distort the shape of the mouthguard. A quick rinse in a non alcoholic mouthwash will help improve the taste and smell of your mouthguard.

How will I know if I have grown out of my mouthguard?

Signs your mouthguard is not fitting correctly include becoming loose or not fitting up against the teeth and gums or sore spots on your gum. A good indicator for parents to watch your children for, is when the mouthguard is constantly being pulled out of your child’s mouth and chewing on it. Between the ages of 6 to 16 you will require a new mouthguard every season.

What’s the difference between a health professional custom fitted mouthguard and a chemist/sports store boil and bite mouthguard?

The Dental Health Foundation and the Australian Dental Association strongly recommend dental impressions be taken of your teeth. From that mould of your teeth a professional individually designed mouthguard can be manufactured to give you the best chance of your teeth and bones surviving a big hit or a wayward ball or stick. A boil and bite mouthguard is not recommended, it is false economy buying a cheap over the counter product. It is difficult to fit with a risk of burning your mouth, they can make you gag and it is uncomfortable to wear by not staying in place making it almost impossible to talk and breathe. Players have been known to choke during sport after swallowing this type of product and as they do not fit well the teeth that they touch are more prevalent to be knocked out on impact.

Performance Mouthguards provide a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, if you cannot breathe, talk or feel comfortable wearing the mouthguard in the first month we will refund your money.

Why are there five different types of Performance Mouthguards?

Mouthguards are not designed for one type fits all! An AFL footballer requires a very different level of protection to that of a six year playing their first year of footy. As does a junior hockey or lacrosse player where sticks and hard balls are flying around.

The Dental Health Foundation of Australia recommend manufacturing different designed mouthguards to the level of protection that is required.

Performance Mouthguards manufacture to Standards Australia “Guidelines for the Fabrication, Use and Maintenance of Sports Mouthguards”

What should I do if I receive a dental injury?

First aid for a damaged tooth

Wearing a custom-fitted mouthguard when training and playing in contact sports can help to protect your teeth against painful and potentially expensive dental injuries. This information sheet outlines the first aid steps to take, if an accident occurs and a tooth is damaged or knocked out.

If a tooth is cracked or chipped, see your dentist as soon as possible. If possible, place fragments in plastic wrap and take with you to the dentist.

Do not try to reinsert a primary (“baby”) tooth. However seek urgent dental treatment to check if any pieces of tooth remain and to ensure no other damage has been done.

If a secondary (“adult”) tooth is knocked out, remain calm and act quickly. Do the following, immediately:

  • Locate the tooth and, handling it gently by the crown, ensure it is clean. The crown is the smooth white part of the tooth that is normally visible in the mouth
  • If the root of the tooth is dirty, and the patient is calm and conscious, ask them to gently suck the tooth clean. Alternatively, rinse the entire tooth in milk or, very briefly, in water
  • Immediately place the tooth back in the socket, making sure it is facing the right way around. Immediate replacement is essential and should occur within 5-10 minutes of the tooth being knocked out
  • Have the patient hold the tooth in place by biting gently into a soft cloth, or the person administering first aid can use aluminium foil placed over the tooth, and the teeth on either side, to stabilise the tooth
  • If you are unable to replant the tooth back in the socket, keep it moist by putting it in a cup of milk , sealing it in plastic wrap or placing it in the conscious patient’s mouth, next to their cheek
  • Immediately seek dental treatment – time is critical to prevent permanent damage

Extreme care should be taken with a tooth that has been knocked out. Avoid the following:

  • Do not handle the root of the tooth
  • Do not scrape or rub the surface of the tooth
  • Do not let the tooth dry out – keep it moist at all times
  • Do not put the tooth in ice or hot water
  • Avoid rinsing or storing the tooth in water for more than one or two seconds
  • Do not remove any soft tissue fragments from the tooth

My child’s front teeth are growing down, what happens if the mouthguard does not fit in a couple of months?

Throughout the year your child’s teeth and bone that supports the teeth is growing, therefore we make allowances in the design of the mouthguard for obvious tooth movement. Your child will require a new mouthguard every year until they are approximately 14 years of age. There is no cost charged if we have to adjust your child’s mouthguard during the season.

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  • I travel the world representing Australia playing Hockey and will always return to Performance Mouthguards as I feel confident wearing their Performance Pro mouthguard for protection and comfortable fit.

    Grant Schubert – Australian Hockey Team

    Gold: Athens 2004, Commonwealth Games Melbourne 2006, World Cup
    New Delhi 2010 and Champions Trophy 2005/2008/2009

    Silver: Champions Trophy 2003/2007

    Bronze: Beijing 2008

  • Performance Mouthguards have been partners with Sport SA since 2007 and in that time a strong working relationship has been formed. In 2010 Performance Mouthguards Director, Grant Evans further strengthened the relationship by agreeing to be a Major Sponsor at the inaugural Sport SA Awards.

    Peter Spry – Sport SA
    Business Manager

  • The Adelaide Football Club has used Performance Mouthguards to manufacture, supply and fit mouthguards for its players for many years. In this time we have not only been impressed with the professionalism of their operation, but also have been completely satisfied with their product.

    Vince Del Bono – Adelaide Crows
    Head Trainer

  • Glenelg Football Club has been associated with Performance Mouthguards for 10 years. Throughout this time Performance Mouthguards have fitted all football grades with mouthguards and provided fantastic service and quality of product.

    Philippa Spencer – Glenelg Football Club (SANFL)
    Marketing Manager

  • I prefer a slimmer mouthguard so I can breathe better during practice and games, and Performance Mouthguards are the only company I’ll trust to make a quality mouthguard for me. My new mouthguard is not only slim and a secure fit, but also provides great protection for my teeth.

    Oscar Forman – Adelaide 36ers / Australian Boomers Squad /

    NZ Breakers / Wollongong Hawks
    2010-11 NBL Most Improved Player

  • As one might expect with a professional sports team comprising highly paid players, every effort has to be made to minimise any risk to the players — for both commercial and litigious reasons. To this end we do not cut corners or take cheap options in regards any protective or rehabilitation devices. We go for the best available and Performance Mouthguards is outstanding.

    Vince Del Bono – Adelaide Crows
    Head Trainer

  • Students from Prince Alfred College were measured for and fitted with sports mouthguards by the Performance Mouthguard Company. The service provided and the products themselves were excellent. Furthermore the company was able to fit around our school timetable to ensure minimal disruption to our students. I have no hesitation in recommending Performance Mouthguards.

    Peter Williams – Prince Alfred College

  • Hockey is a very fast sport and can be a dangerous sport. Playing at National League level I need to be confident my teeth are well protected. Performance Mouthguards fitted our Adelaide Bank Suns Team with mouthguards and I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone playing hockey or any other contact sport.

    Alison Peek – Australian Womens Hockey Team
    Gold Sydney 2000

  • It is vital that my mouthguard allows me to breathe and communicate effectively. My Performance Mouthguard gives me the confidence to compete hard at the football, knowing I have the best protection available. I recommend all football players to wear a Dentist fitted Custom Laminated Performance Mouthguard.

    Kym Koster – Adelaide Crows
    AFL Premiers 1997 & 1998

  • Dear Grant,

    Thanks for attending our Sign On Day on Feb 26th. Personally, I have found my mouthguard to be fantastic & am certainly recommending people to you. It’s so much better than the chemist one I had previously!

    Sue Kitto – Port Adelaide District Hockey Club

  • Hayden Jolly - Gold Coast Suns

    Playing AFL I don’t take any chances with my teeth, I always return to Adelaide for my Performance PRO Mouthguard.

    Hayden Jolly – Gold Coast Suns
    Recruited from Glenelg Football Club

  • Laura Hodges - Australian Olympic Womens Basketball Team

    After the London Olympic Games I had orthodontic bands fitted. I chose Performance Mouthguards for the excellent fit and ongoing adjustments they can make to my mouthguard, that keeps me at the top of my game.

    Laura Hodges – Australian Olympic Womens Basketball Team

  • David Mackay #14 Adelaide football Club

    I have been through some extensive orthodontic work in 2014/15, due to the rigours of AFL football I had orthodontic bands fitted on the palatal side of my teeth. I put all my trust in Grant Evans from Performance Mouthguards to fit a comfortable Performance Junior Mouthguard allowing me to talk and breathe while undergoing the dental work. I will have a Performance Pro mouthguard fitted as soon as my orthodontic treatment is complete.

    David Mackay #14 Adelaide football Club