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How durable are mouthguards?

Performance Mouthguards uses only “Australian Made” Briteguard EVA mouthguard material which is manufactured to ISO 9002 Quality Assurance Model and Standards and registered with the Australian Therapeutics Goods Administration. For children between the ages of 6 and 16 they will require a new mouthguard every year due to their teeth and bones in the skull changing shape. At approximately 16 years of age the body has matured and dental growth has slowed reducing the need to replace the mouthguard every year. It is then recommended to replace your mouthguard every 3 years subject to no major dental treatment e.g. new crowns, implants, dentures or large fillings. We can adjust the mouthguard to allow for dental fillings at no cost.

It is very important not to chew on your mouthguard this will distort the shape making it uncomfortable and reducing the protection your mouthguard offers. Keep it in the protective case when you are not wearing it and out of direct sun light.

Please note mouthguards deformed by chewing on them are not covered by our warranty.