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Safe mouthguard, with no cadmium or heayy metals

briteguard-logo-certificationsOur products use Briteguard mouthguard material, which has Theraputic Goods Administration approval, ISO 9002 Certification and CE approval rating.

All Briteguard colours are safe and contain no cadmium or heayy metals.

It also has undergone exhaustive laboratory testing to evaluate the effectiveness of its EVA-modified formulations on energy absorption. Download report.

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What’s the difference between a custom fitted mouthguard and a sports store boil and bite one?

The Dental Health Foundation and the Australian Dental Association strongly recommend dental impressions be taken of your teeth. From that mould of your teeth a professional individually designed mouthguard can be manufactured to give you the best chance of your teeth and bones surviving a big hit or a wayward ball or stick.

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